1121 Angoori Sela Rice
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We provide the excellent Quality 1121 Angoori Sela Rice IN UAE. This has an unmatched taste and outstanding quality. After being sourced from Pakistan’s fertile fields, these fresh grains are carefully grown and properly processed to provide an incredible rice experience. We are the best wholesaler of the 1121 Angoori Sela Rice in UAE and it’s a chef’s dream, with its long, narrow grains and delicate texture making it ideal for making decadent biryanis, fragrant pilafs, and delicious rice dishes. Its appealing smell and unmatched flavor will elevate whatever dish you prepare with it, making it the perfect choice for discriminating cooks, food lovers, and connoisseurs who seek the highest degree of excellence in every grain. With 1121 Angoori Sela Rice, you might come across a world of magnificent food and have a meal different from others. We are also a Wholesaler of 1122 golden sela.

Note:This specification is for sale in local market within Pakistan. Specifications/Quality could be further enhanced as per customer requirement.

Specification - Sela Rice

Sela Rice from Mustaqeementerprise Rice is known for its high-quality grain, which is carefully selected and processed to ensure consistent quality and taste.
This type of rice is known for its long and slender grains, which provide an excellent texture and aroma. Sela rice is perfect for a variety of dishes, including biryani, pulao, and fried rice.
Sela Rice has a non-sticky texture, making it easy to cook and handle. It is the best choice for those who prefer their rice fluffy and separate and is great for salads and other dishes where a distinct texture is desired.
Sela Rice from Mustaqeementerprise Rice has a rich and distinctive flavor unmatched by other types of rice. It is perfect for those looking for flavorful and aromatic rice that can be used in various dishes.